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Pratt Fashion Talks: "Shifting the Paradigm of Fashion: NEST & OXOSI"

  • Juliana Curran Terian Design Center Gallery Steuben Hall, 2nd Floor 200 Willoughby Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11205 United States (map)

From the Department of Fashion at Pratt Institute


A conversation with Rebecca Van Bergen, Kolade Adeyemo and Akin Adebowale

"Fashion Talks: Exploring Fashion and Culture with Kim Jenkins" presents the second talk of the 2017 season, continuing to explore the dramatic shifts in globalized fashion culture. We pursue the following questions: “How can fashion continue to sustain itself? What needs to change effectively in the fashion system?” Kim Jenkins, Visiting Assistant Professor of Fashion, will sit down with Rebecca Van Bergen, founder of Nest and Kolade Adeyemo and Akin Adebowale, founders of Oxosi, to show new ways of producing fashion that commit to economic change and elevate the work of global designers, respectively. This event is free and open to the public.

You can register for this event here.